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Douglas & Zack Greig

Douglas Greig - Founder and Head Coach

To me, one of my biggest training achievements was when I was certified by the Sig Sauer Academy as a Master Patrol Rifle and Master Pistol Instructor. It was a goal that took years to achieve and one of my proudest moments. And recently I was able to return to SSA and become certified as a Pistol Mounted Optic Instructor. I am also a certified to be a Texas License to Carry Instructor and a licensed firearm instructor for the State of Vermont where I am able to certify Armed Security Personnel & Private Investigators to carry a firearm for their job.

Years ago I began as as a Certified NRA Instructor & Range Safety Officer, both certifications which I still hold. About 5 years ago I started participating in IDPA Competitive Shooting where I am currently a certified Safety Officer and ranked as an Expert Level Shooter.​​

I am a firm believer that as an instructor you also need to be a student. As I continue with this career, my goal is to never stop learning, never stop seeking out training and to always keep an open mind. It's a key way to grow as an individual, as an instructor, and as an armed professional. Over a 4 year period I spent hundreds of hours training with Kyle Lamb & Chili Palmer of Viking Tactics, Frank Proctor of Way Of The Gun, Mike Seeklander of Shooting-Performance, John McPhee of SOB Tactical, and just recently became a certified Rangemaster Instructor by Tom Givens. This is in addition to the continuous training I participated in at the Sig Sauer Academy in NH.

I am also a retired veteran with 24 years military service to include several combat deployments overseas and am a Purple Heart recipient.

I am married to my wonderful wife Shannon, who is also a retired Army Veteran and a driving force behind Greig Performance Shooting, Together we have a combined number of 6 kids and 6 grandchildren.

Zack Greig - Instructor

My journey as an instructor/coach is still in the beginning stages, but my knowledge is not shy. I am currently a certified NRA instructor, and have been teaching classes over the last year to a multitude of students. My goal is to continue my training, and pass it on to my students in a comprehensive manner. In my opinion, learning never stops, no matter how many certificates you have. Therefore, I strive to be the best and most knowledgable that I can be, and I hope to help others achieve that as well.

My training began in boot camp with the Navy in 2011. I served 4 years with the USS Makin Island, where I trained with firearms ranging from a 9mm pistol to a 50 cal machine gun. I am currently a certified peace officer with 5+ years of service in Law Enforcement in Texas. I have also completed many hours as a student of Doug’s, learning from operation of firearms to instructing classes and have attended handgun training with John McPhee of SOB Tactical

I currently reside in Caldwell, Tx. with my wife, Samantha, who recently graduated from Texas A&M University, who supports Greig Performance Shooting in any way that she can. Together we have two sons who are twins. Grandpa and I are hoping they take an interest in the family business as they get older.

Firearm , Instructor & Technical Training:

Sig Sauer Academy:
  • Master Pistol Instructor
  • Master Rifle Instructor
  • Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • Pistol Mounted Optic Instructor – scheduled July 2020
  • Classic Line of Pistols Armorer
  • M400/M-4/M16/AR-15 Armorer Course
  • Conceal Carry Cars w/ Kyle Lamb
  • Mastering Moving Targets with Gerry Tetreau
  • Shoot Better with Gerry Tetreau – Advanced
  • Conceal Carry Pistol
  • One Handed Pistol Operator
  • Reflexive Shooting by Bob Taubert
  • Skill Drills for the Competitive Shooter – Level 2
  • Skill Builder: Low Light Pistol
  • Skill Builder: Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship
  • Skill Builder: Mid-Range Carbine
  • Skill Builder: Pistol II

    Viking Tactics – Kyle Lamb:
  • Carbine 1.5 Three Day Rifle Course

    Shooting-Performance, Mike Seeklander:
  • Your Competition Handgun Training Program Level 1. Two Days (taken twice; 2017 & 2019)
  • 113 – Competition Handgun Advanced Movement Skills. One Day

    Way of the Gun – Frank Proctor:
  • 1 Day Pistol
  • 1 Day Carbine

    SOB Tactical – John McPhee:
  • 1 Day 300 yard Carbine

    State of Vermont Office of Professional Regulation:
  • Licensed Firearm Training Instructor – Security Personnel & Private Investigator

    Texas Dept of Public Safety:
  • Certified License to Carry Instructor

    AmCare Paramedic – Billy Smith:
  • Stop The Bleed Certified

    American Red Cross:
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

    US Army/National Guard: Technical Training, qualifications and real-world application on combat deployments with -
  • M16A1-M16A2-M4 rifle
  • M203 Grenade Launcher
  • M9 Pistol
  • M249 Light Machine Gun
  • M240B Machine Gun
  • M2 Machine Gun
  • MK19 Grenade Launcher
  • Combat Lifesaver Certified 1993 thru 2005

  • Basic Pistol Instructor Certification
  • Range Safety Officer Certification

    World Moo Gong Do Association (martial arts):
  • Graduate of the 1 Year Long Instructor Certification Program

    International Defensive Pistol Association:
  • EXPERT Level Classification
  • Safety Officer Certification

    Greig Performance Shooting:

  • Sig Sauer Academy Certified Master Pistol & Master Rifle Instructor
  • Texas LTC Instructor
  • Vermont Licensed Firearm Instructor
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor & RSO
  • Retired Army