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Brickell Clark

Brickell Clark is a nationally renowned instructor. She has documented her growth from the very start of her career. An NRA certified pistol instructor. Brickell has trained with the very best instructors in the world. Sportsman's Guide sponsored her to host a national tour teaching women defensive shooting. She has also been a featured guest instructor with Gun Owners of America, and Antonia Okafor's EmpoweRED movement.

Currently, Brickell hosts a training program in Conroe, TX at Thunder Gun Range. Her classes encompass all aspects of self-defense. HoneyBadger USA is the top comprehensive women's self defense program in the country. While promoted towards females, the training is open to all genders, and pertains to both men and women. The classes are great for husbands and wives, or individuals.

For more information email AmericanGunChic@gmail.com
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Brickell’s Training and certifications include.

Fighting Pistol Tactical Response
Advanced Fighting Pistol Tactical Response
The Fight (Force-on-Force) Tactical Response
Way of the Pistol Tactical Response
Immediate Action Medical Tactical Response
Fighting Rifle Tactical Response
Fast and Accurate Pistol Tactical Response
Tactical Shotgun Tactical Response
Vehicle Dynamics Tremis Dynamics
Red Dawn Response Tactical Insider
2 Day Combative Pistol & Carbine Battleline Tactical
1-Day Basic Pistol Battleline Tactical
2-Day Active Shooter Battleline Tactical
Tactical Firearms Instructor Tactical Response
CQB & Home Defense Tactical Rifleman
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bone Island Jiu Jitsu
Low Light Building Clearing Tactical Response
Combat Pistol 101 Tactical Rifleman
Handgun Mastery 1 Tactical Performance Center
Surviving Mann Team Training Don Mann (American Stories TV Show)