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Randy Brooks

Obsidian Training Group is dedicated to educating, training and equipping civilians for defensive use of firearms. President/CEO Randy Brooks is a firearms enthusiast, second amendment advocate, USPSA & Tactical Games competitor and has been honored and privileged to be trained and mentored by Sig Sauer Master Instructor Doug Grieg and a retired FLETC Instructor. Obsidiantrainingroup.com also offers curated products, accessories and armorer services that include optics, holsters, armor, slide milling and custom built upper receivers.

Formal Training Includes:

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor - Handgun Skills LLC
NRA Basic Pistol - Handgun Skills LLC
NAAGA Basic Pistol Fundamentals - Family Ties Firearms Training
Handgun Fundamentals - Keep Firing LLC
2 Day Defensive Pistol - American Honey Badger
Handgun Accuracy - Greig Performance Shooting
One Handed Defensive Pistol - Greig Performance Shooting
Carbine Fundamentals - MAST Solutions
Defensive Rifle - Dominion One Twenty Six
Dynamic Rifle - Dominion One Twenty Six
Dynamic Rifle - Greig Performance Shooting
2 Day Instructor Development - Phase 2 Collective
Intro to Flexible Search - Orion Training group
Small Unit CQB - Orion Training Group
Low Light - Paraclete Consulting Group
Tactical Fitness - T.P. Total Performance
Pistol Skills - Paraclete Consulting Group
Stop the Bleed/CPR - Williamson County EMS

Phone: 281-836-3519
Email: contact@obsidiantraininggroup.com